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J. Gardner and Sons Asphalt Construction has over 50 years of residential, industrial and commercial experience providing asphalt and paving services to the greater Niagara and Erie County areas. From patch work to resurfacing, trust our industry experts to provide you with quality work at an affordable price.

Preparing the Surface for Patching and Resurfacing

After your surface has been cleared of any debris, we will address existing cracks and pores in the surface. J. Gardner and Sons Asphalt Construction uses premium quality rubber crack sealant heated and poured into cracked surfaces. This specialized rubber material provides flexibility to the surface during climate change – preventing cracking and protecting the subsurface from water and snow damage. Crack sealing is the most cost effective pavement maintenance task and can prevent costly repairs and replacement expenses.

Pavement Milling

Pavement milling, which involves removing part of the existing paved surface, has many benefits. Recycling the old surface is a popular choice as reclaimed asphalt pavement can be reused by being added to hot asphalt mix. Combing new aggregate and recycled materials is a cost effective way to stay within budget.

Additionally, milling removes stressed and previously patched areas, providing a stronger surface and decrease the likelihood of costly repairs. Milling can also be used to create rumble strips and speed deterrents.

Patching and Resurfacing

For smaller sections of asphalt paving, patching is an appropriate choice to stay within budget and on your timeline and our team is trained to blend patched areas as seamlessly as possible into the surrounding surface.

Once your project area has been prepped, milled and patched, J. Gardner and Sons Asphalt Construction will be ready to begin resurfacing. Several coats of professional mixed aggregate are applied in even layers – resulting in a smooth surface every time. We guarantee a clean, professionally paved product every time.

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  • Jeff Gardner made our driveway look amazing! When we built our house, we ran short on funds to finish the driveway. Jeff turned our one car wide gravel driveway into a 2 car wide masterpiece! Erick (Lewiston)
  • Jeff and the guys took care of a very tough asphalt construction project for us. It came out better than we had hoped for, and can't wait for the next gig. Our customer was very pleased! Tony (Niagara Falls)
  • We were in a bind, needing to get a project wrapped in a hurry. Jim Gardner and Sons were on top of things for us, and didn't let us down. Project done, customer satisfied, contractor thrilled! David (Sanborn)

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