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Commercial and Residential Sealcoating and Striping

Protect and Revitalize Your Driveway or Parking Lot with Sealcoating!

J. Gardner and Sons Inc. offer professional sealcoating and re-striping services for any budget. Sealcoating will help save money on costly repairs and replacements by protecting the surface from snow, water, salt and sun. Our team is fully trained and insured to handle your next sealcoating project.

Preparing for Sealcoating and Striping

First, we thoroughly clean the service to remove any rocks, gravel, broken asphalt or rubbish. We then “cut in” the project area to prevent any spillover or platter – keeping a clean work area is important to us!

Sealcoat Application

Once cracks and pore have been filled with hot rubber to prevent further damage and add a layer of protection to the asphalt, the proper mix of sealer is applied to the surface in an even coat. Most jobs require two coats to insure long lasting results, and a third coat is recommended for higher traffic areas.

Striping Services

Only after the surface is sufficiently sealed, our team will carefully re-stripe the area. If you are unhappy with the current traffic flow or parking space size in your lot, let our creative team develop a solution with striping services. Stripping not only provides traffic direction and added safety to your parking lot, but also increases curb appeal.

Routine Maintenance Prevents Costly Repairs

Remember – routine maintenance including proper crack sealing and sealcoating can nearly double the life of your surfaces. Sealcoating will slow the sun’s oxidizing rays which cause the asphalt to become weak and crumble. Water and snow can penetrate through cracks disturbing the subsurface and base. With sealcoating, moisture is stopped on the surface and professional grading can improve water run-off.

We also offer night sealcoating and striping services which allow your business and customers to continue normal operations!

Call J. Gardner and Sons Inc. today to schedule a free estimate on your next sealcoating and striping job.


  • Jeff Gardner made our driveway look amazing! When we built our house, we ran short on funds to finish the driveway. Jeff turned our one car wide gravel driveway into a 2 car wide masterpiece! Erick (Lewiston)
  • Jeff and the guys took care of a very tough asphalt construction project for us. It came out better than we had hoped for, and can't wait for the next gig. Our customer was very pleased! Tony (Niagara Falls)
  • We were in a bind, needing to get a project wrapped in a hurry. Jim Gardner and Sons were on top of things for us, and didn't let us down. Project done, customer satisfied, contractor thrilled! David (Sanborn)

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